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Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Appreciate

The holiday hustle and bustle at the office turns us all into gift-hunting pros. Suddenly, spreadsheets take a back seat to shopping lists, and deadlines are all about delivery dates. With the festive vibes in the air, you're left scratching your head, wondering what on earth to get for your coffee-loving coworker, the ever-smiling janitor, or that elusive boss who seems to have it all. 

We bet you’re already feeling the pressure.

Well, we're here to make your holiday shopping a breeze. We've got a bunch of awesome corporate holiday gift ideas that break the mold of generic employee gift boxes. These gifts are all about celebrating the unique relationships that make our work lives tick.

So, get ready to flash your best "aw shucks" grin, because you're about to be the office holiday MVP!

Memorable Seasonal Treats for Your Dedicated Team

Let's start with the people you see every day at work: the ones who make sure your office runs smoothly, the ones who have your back during crunch time, and the ones you can count on for a good laugh or a shoulder to cry on.


These gifts are perfect for your doorman, janitor, or security guard—basically anyone who spends their day braving the elements to keep your office comfortable and safe. Give them a cozy sweatshirt or hoodie in an inviting color with a playful design that'll make them feel appreciated every time they put it on. Just pick a design that speaks to their personality!

Snow Angel T-Shirt or Sweatshirt.

For instance, this Snow Angel design is perfect for the soft-spoken lady who works magic on your floors.

Naughty List T-Shirt or Sweatshirt.

This Naughty List design, on the other hand, is just the thing for the cat-loving doorman who always has a funny thing to say.

Porcelain ornaments

Porcelain Surprise Ornament - Sock Monkey.

Best for those on your team who love to decorate their workspace with a personal touch. It won't just make them smile every morning when they come in, it will also remind them of how much you appreciate them!

With lots of designs to choose from, you can tailor this gift to each recipient. Some of our favorites include the Penguin with Baby, the Cat on Yarn Ball, and the cute Sock Monkey.

A show-stopping desk ornament

Lighted Mercury Glass Angel Statue.

This Lighted Mercury Glass Angel is perfect for the future corporate rockstar you've been mentoring. Intricately designed with a soft glow that adds an elegant touch to any office desk, it's a thoughtful way to show your confidence in their potential, and remind them to keep shining bright!

Unique Festive Surprises for Your Desk Buddies

Next up, we have the colleagues you sit next to or share a cubicle with. You may not see each other outside work, but they're the ones who make the daily grind more bearable.

A puzzle

Santa Trims the Tree Jigsaw Puzzle.

Help those coworkers who always give their all for team projects relax and recharge over the holidays with our Santa Trims the Tree Jigsaw Puzzle. That should help them keep their minds sharp and ready to take on new challenges when they return to work!

A Christmas-themed cookie jar

LED Ceramic Gnome Cookie Jar.

For the desk mate who always has delicious homemade goodies for the office, this LED Ceramic Gnome Cookie Jar is sure to be a hit. 

The extra smiles it will bring as they hand out cookies to everyone in the office will surely make their heart sing even more! It also doubles as a fun desk piece all year-round!

A personalized lawn plaque


This one's perfect for all the office parents who always have snacks, tissues, and advice ready for when you need them. Show your appreciation for their nurturing nature with a Personalized Lawn Plaque!

They'll love the touch of holiday cheer it brings to their home and they'll appreciate you thinking of them outside of work.

Stemmed wine glasses

Personalized Nice/Naughty List Stemmed Wine Glass.

We all have that one buddy we always team up with for projects, share inside jokes, and commiserate with on tough days...but have never seen outside work.

A set of our personalized Nice/Naughty List Stemmed Wine Glasses could be the ticket to finally making the leap to real-life friend status. If it doesn't work out, at least it'll make for a hilarious inside joke when you use them together in the office kitchen.

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas for the Big Boss

Don't forget about the person who makes all the tough calls and keeps your team running like a well-oiled machine!

A wire Christmas tree

Holiday Spice Tree.

You can always count on wire trees to bring some unique flair to any office space. Our Holiday Spice Tree is a great choice for tough bosses who always push you to reach new heights. Tell them the tree represents your team's growth and success—they might now show it, but deep down they'll be touched!

Stemless wine glasses


Is there a better time for your boss to think of you than when they're sipping their favorite wine? We don't think so! 

That's why we love these personalized stemless wine glasses for the bosses who love to entertain and have a good time. It comes in a set of four, so their family can join in on the fun too!

It's the Thought That Counts

Looking for unique good holiday gifts for employees and bosses alike? Signals is your one-stop shop!

Discover our thoughtfully curated Christmas catalog for more corporate holiday gift ideas, and find those distinct and memorable gifts that make every day of the holiday season special. With Signals, you're sure to impress your bosses, coworkers, and staff alike. Start your holiday shopping today!

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