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Detective Montalbano Episodes 1-3 DVD

Detective Montalbano Episodes 1-3 DVD

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$39.99 $19.99

Based on the spectacularly successful Inspector Montalbano mysteries by Andrea Camilleri, this long-running Italian television series is a huge hit in Europe. Luca Zingaretti stars as the grouchy Sicilian police chief who hates bureaucracy and loves Sicily, justice, his girlfriend, Livia, and Sicilian cooking. Filmed in sun-washed Sicily, each set includes 3 feature-length episodes. Each is about 6 ½ hrs on 3 DVDs. Italian with English subtitles. Episodes 1-3 XB0222 $39.99 Episodes 4-6 XB0232 $39.99

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Connie B. reviewed Detective Montalbano Episodes 1-3 DVD
5.0 star rating
Italian Detective
Review by Connie B. review stating Italian Detective
I can see why this was a long running series on Italian TV. Excellent characters and story with humor throughout.

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