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Happy Dogs Wooden Puzzle Tea Tray

$39.95 $22.98
Item #: XE0216
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$39.95 $22.98

Good luck trying to fit these thirteen playful into the open "box" in our 7½"x6" Happy Dogs Wooden Puzzle Tea Tray. It's more difficult than it looks: Each intricately shaped piece measures about 1"-2" long, several with tails that prove especially challenging to fit into place. Crafted and hand-finished in Lithuania of high-density fiberboard, the completed puzzle looks very cute on a coffee table or end table. It even doubles as a kitchen trivet or small tea tray for your drink…which your resident cat will probably try to knock over! We're also offering the matching Happy Cats Wooden Puzzle Tea Tray, so cat-lovers can join in on the fun!

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