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Bletchley Park Brain Teasers

Bletchley Park Brain Teasers

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When scouring the population for codebreakers, Bletchley Park recruiters devised ingenious mind-twisters to assess the puzzle-solving capacity of candidates for Britain's elite WWII-era codebreaking team. This collection of cryptic crosswords, secret languages, and complex riddles contains the original puzzles used by Bletchley Park to identify the individuals who would eventually defeat Germany's Enigma machine. Paperback, 280 pages.

Highlighted Customer Reviews

PATRICIA A. reviewed Bletchley Park Brain Teasers
5.0 star rating
A peek into history
Review by PATRICIA A. review stating A peek into history
A good example of what the heroes at Bletchley Park had to confront during WW2. It is an amazing snippet of history.
KARIN S. reviewed Bletchley Park Brain Teasers
5.0 star rating
Great book
Review by KARIN S. review stating Great book
I am reading this book now and will try and tackle the brain teasers later. I know about this part of History and find the book very interesting and engaging.
ANNA H. reviewed Bletchley Park Brain Teasers
5.0 star rating
Bletchley Park Brain Teasers
Review by ANNA H. review stating Bletchley Park Brain Teasers
Christmas gift. The person I gave it to was delighted, as he loves an intellectual challenge.

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