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Murdoch Mysteries: Season 7 Blu-ray

Murdoch Mysteries: Season 7 Blu-ray

Set in Toronto at the dawn of the 20th century, this award-winning Canadian drama is a good-humored twist on crime procedurals. As dashing Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) pioneers new forensic techniques to...more.
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Set in Toronto at the dawn of the 20th century, this award-winning Canadian drama is a good-humored twist on crime procedurals. As dashing Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) pioneers new forensic techniques to solve baffling murders, he crosses paths with famous figures including Arthur Conan Doyle, Houdini, and H.G. Wells. Based on the novels by Maureen Jennings, seen on public television. Season Seven reunites Murdoch with Julia (Helene Joy) aboard an opulent passenger ship, and brings Murdoch and Sherlock Holmes together to solve a case. 18 episodes, 13 hrs, 4 Blu-ray discs, SDH.
Disc 1
Episode 1: Murdoch Ahoy
It's Victoria Day and the SS Keewatinis about to embark on her maiden voyage-but not before a potentially deadly threat arises. Detective Murdoch and Chief Inspector Brackenreid are called to investigate, and Murdoch decides to stay on board to keep an eye on the passengers, including the lovely Dr. Julia Ogden.

Episode 2: Tour de Murdoch
When Murdoch decides to participate in a bicycle race, he doesn't expect one of his competitors to end up dead. Meanwhile, Julia, while trying to sell her husband's house, comes home to an unexpected visitor.

Episode 3: The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch
A man is shot dead at the premiere of a moving picture with new sound technology-and no one notices until the lights come back on. Murdoch must delve into the burgeoning world of film to solve the murder-but not before the director decides to make a film starring Murdoch himself.

Episode 4: Return of Sherlock Holmes
Murdoch is called to the scene of a murder only to find another detective already there. Much to his surprise, it is the great Sherlock Holmes-or at least someone pretending to be the beloved detective. When another man is murdered in a similar fashion and a third body is uncovered, Murdoch and Holmes join forces.

Episode 5: Murdoch of the Living Dead
When a woman is found dead in a river, Murdoch begins investigating her husband. The man shows no emotions, and Murdoch is confused by an admission by the man's daughter. Murdoch grows more suspicious when he discovers that the man's neighbors are afraid to talk.

Disc 2
Episode 6: Murdochophobia
To treat her patients' intense fears, Julia has been using a new method that exposes them to the objects of their nightmares in hopes that their terror will diminish over time. However, after one of the patients dies from falling out of her window, Murdoch's investigation forces him to confront some fears of his own.

Episode 7: Loch Ness Murdoch
In the middle of a heat wave, a woman turns up dead on the beach of Lake Ontario. When it is discovered that she was a contestant of a purity pageant, the team's attention turns to her competition. But that doesn't quite explain why Brackenreid keeps talking about a sea monster.

Episode 8: Republic of Murdoch
When the body of a Newfoundland man is found, Inspector Crabtree-from Newfoundland himself-chases after the only suspect but can't quite keep up. When it is clear that no answers will be found in Toronto, Crabtree and Murdoch travel to the colony to solve the mystery.

Episode 9: A Midnight Train to Kingston
Murdoch and the team are bringing their nemesis James Gillies to the city of Kingston for his execution. But plans for the transfer do not pan out, and Gillies is put on the same car as the rest of the passengers, leaving everyone on edge.

Disc 3
Episode 10: Murdoch in Ragtime
When the director of a vocal group is found dead on the docks, Murdoch turns to the rest of the choir in search of answers. When Murdoch visits the jazz club where the singers perform, he discovers that the group has some secrets to hide.

Episode 11: Journey to the Center of Toronto
A jewelry shop is robbed, and the only clue is a hole in the ground that could not have been dug by hand. Murdoch is baffled when hours later another jewelry shop is robbed in the same manner. Meanwhile, a scientist in town is sharing her research on an intelligent species living in the hollows of the earth.

Episode 12: Unfinished Business
When a man on his deathbed confesses to murder, Murdoch and the team find the bones of his victim. However, after Dr. Grace examines the remains, there seem to be some inconsistencies in the man's story. Murdoch and Julia partner up to solve the crime, and as they delve deeper into the investigation, the mystery begins to resemble a cold case from their past.

Episode 13: The Murdoch Sting
The president of the Canadian Bank goes missing, along with his mysterious fiancee named Cassie Chadwick. But when reports come in of multiple Cassie Chadwicks in the area, it seems that this case could be one of mistaken identity. Crabtree and Murdoch find themselves grappling with romantic challenges as the team concocts a plan to find the truth.

Disc 4
Episode 14: Friday the 13th, 1901
Julia, Emily, and several of their friends venture to a cabin on a secluded island to celebrate a bachelorette party. What was supposed to be a carefree time away from the city suddenly turns dark when one of the party is found dead. Back home in Toronto, Crabtree challenges a rival to a curling match.

Episode 15: The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold
At the Pan-American Exposition, the president of the United States is shot. While the president barely clings to life, Murdoch and the rest of the team set out to find the group behind the assassination attempt. Murdoch soon discovers that this conspiracy is much more complicated than he could have known.

Episode 16: Kung Fu Crabtree
A group of Chinese officials are in town searching for rebels who have fled to Toronto. At a dinner with local police, one Chinese official is murdered and Crabtree is put on the case. But as he gets to know the prime suspect, Crabtree wonders if he is innocent.

Episode 17: Blast of Silence
When a big-name industrialist is found atop a telephone pole with a noise-activated bomb strapped to him, Murdoch and the team do all they can to keep the area quiet. Then the mayor of the town is found in a similar situation, and Murdoch knows he must find the culprit before these men become martyrs in the name of progress.

Episode 18: The Death of Dr. Ogden
Crabtree and Brackenreid are on the case to find the killer of a talented competitive puzzle-solver. However, when no clear suspect emerges, the pair is forced to muddle through a puzzle of their own. Meanwhile, Julia visits her father, only to learn that he has passed away.
DVD Extras
  • Making Murdoch featurettes
  • Photo gallery
Packaging: Boxed set
Run Time: 792 minutes, plus bonus programming
Format: Widescreen
Number of Discs: 4
Language: English
Subtitles: No
Color or B&W: Color
CC: No
SDH: Yes
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 1080p/16:9
Rating: NR. Contains disturbing images.
"If you haven't seen it, you must."--Globe & Mail (Canada)

"Engaging detective series"--The Globe and Mail (Canada)

"Zippy and...enjoyable Canadian drama"--The Guardian (UK)

"Smart, fast-paced fun"--Globe & Mail (Canada)

"Charming entertainment, sweetly satisfying"--Globe & Mail (Canada)

"Everything shines"--Seattle Times

"A little masterpiece of tone and style"--Globe & Mail (Canada)
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